In Memory of Charlie

Charlie was a proud therapy dog who brought many smiles to children and the elderly. He thrived on making everyone happy and was loved by all. Charlie will always be remembered by his friends, family and everyone he worked with!
On September 01, 2011 - By Lida Liu

Charlie was a Power Paws therapy dog who visited schools and libraries to read with children.
He enjoyed helping them increase their reading and social abilities.  Charlie also visited the infirm at a Care Center as part of his job.  

As a proud therapy dog, Charlie brought much joy to the children and also to the Care Center patients at the nursing homes he visited.  He was a real performer and loved to show his tricks such as jumping over brooms and hoops. Everyone loved to see him and giggled with delight when he did his favorite trick - taking a treat and eating it extremely slowly. He thrived on making everyone happy, and you could see he was happy too.

As Charlie became older, he began to lose his hearing and eyesight.  It was necessary
to retire him from Power Paws at age 13.   Though Charlie crossed Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14,  he thrived in his 6 years of  service to adults and children, bringing many smiles and much enjoyment into their lives. Charlie will always be remembered as a sweet, happy dog and a fabulous therapy dog.



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