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Having had to overcome many setbacks in Paddy's early life including an amputation of her hind leg, this sweet little girl was rescued and adopted into her forever loving family. Today, Paddy is a happy therapy dog for Power Paws for Kids bringing smiles to everyone she meets.
On March 10, 2011 - By Lida Liu

My Story - By: Paddy Bailey Barnes

Hello, everyone! My name is Paddy Bailey Barnes, and I am a 4 year old Brittany. I was born on 4/20/06 and have had to overcome many setbacks early in my life.

My previous owner fell on my leg, which caused a fracture back in 4/10. I had surgical repair done but my previous owner did not take good care of me. Luckily, I was rescued by the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network in 5/10.

My foster mom, Cathy, met me the day of boarding. They said I had many health issues. I was heartworm positive, underweight, not spayed, and I most likely had whipworms. Dr. Dullard also said my previous leg surgery had failed which resulted in a fractured femur that was not healing. Because of the extensive nerve damage, the best option for me was to have my leg amputated when I was healthy enough to have the surgery.

Right away they started me on my treatments, and I moved in with my foster mom. She later noticed my right hip was swollen and warm with a bit of drainage. We saw the doctor and found I had a large hematoma that had to be excised. During the next few days, my body rejected the pin as it broke through, resulting in several open areas.

I lost my appetite and was in a great deal of pain. Even though the heartworm infection presents a risk during surgery, it was decided that we could not wait for the treatment to end to proceed with the surgery. On 6/9/10 my right hind leg was amputated, and I was spayed at the same time.

Post surgery, I received continuous treatments. I came home with my foster mom and had to learn to walk again. Every so often I looked for my missing leg when I felt an itch. My foster mom noticed my body had developed a rejection to the sutures and I was back at the doctor’s office for antibiotics and more treatments.

On 6/23/10 I went on my first vacation to Mackinac Island!! It was during this trip I was told that once my treatments were completed, I would be adopted into my forever family’s home of Cheryl and Robert Barnes.

On my last doctor visit, they found my wound was not healing. Dr. Dullard had to open it up and I was back on antibiotics. A week later I was FINALLY healing! I was able to run and play like a normal Britt again! I’ve also gained 7 lbs since I first arrived at NBRAN. I am forever grateful to my foster mom, Cathy, my doctors, and NBRAN for rescuing me and giving me a second chance to live a normal life.

I will always be thankful for my foster mom’s kindness, care, patience and unconditional love. She was there with me every step of the way as I battled through my obstacles. I tried to not show pain when it hurt and tried to sit still when my wound had to be cared for, sometimes up to 4 times a day. I will always love and miss her.

As it turns out, my forever family had been watching my progress on Facebook. I have been told that many a tear was shed, and many prayers and well wishes were sent by all my friends on Facebook.

On 7/27/10 I moved in with my new family in Kouts, IN!! I have 4 siblings who all came from rescues: Weatherby, Buzzby, Lilly Rose and Emmalin. Mom said Emmalin will join Power Paws with me when she’s older!

My new family is really amazed that I am not angry because of so much pain in my early life. However, I know that once I was rescued, all the pain I had suffered before that was to make me better. I was told it’s because I have a “sweet spirited nature.”

When Dad read an article in the newspaper about Power Paws, he thought I would be perfect for this program. Next thing I know I was registered as a therapy dog. I breezed through the test!

I have had so much fun working with Power Paws. I have gotten to go to different libraries and read with kids. I also have visited a friend’s father in a rehabilitation center. It made him and his wife smile so I think I would like to visit more centers like that. I also recently represented Power Paws at the IKC dog show in Chicago!

I absolutely love my work. Even though I had bad experiences in the past, now I feel like I have a bright future ahead. I get to make people smile and laugh, and I also get to help give to the community. I'm happy I can do all of this with only 3 legs!

In order for me to work as a therapy dog, Power Paws needs donations to help keep their programs running. They need to buy books, training materials, blankets, agility equipment, etc. Please help us continue to make this happen by clicking on the Donate button. Any amount will make a difference and is very much appreciated.

Thank you again for reading my story. I would love to meet you at a Power Paws Event!


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