Princess's Story

Princess is a rescued Rat Terrier who found her forever home after being adopted by her mom Jan. After recovering from health issues, she is now a registered therapy dog enjoying her new home and a new career.
On July 11, 2011 - By Lida Liu

My name is Princess, and I am a 5 year old Rat Terrier.  I lived in a home with my previous parents, their other dog and a very large dog.   My dad at the time did not care for small dogs. He preferred the larger breeds.  I lived there until I was 8 months old when my loving new mom Jan became my new owner.

A few days into living in my new home I started to cough a lot.  I believe I was finally getting rid of the effects in my body from transitioning into a new home enviorment. Once settled, I started to feel better.  My new mom was always there for me and even brought over her friend who is a licensed Massage Dog Therapist to help me adjust and heal.  Everyday I started feeling a little better.  I was named Princess because my tail wagged, and I smiled as I was told I was very precious in Jan's eyes.  I was also told by mom that I looked like a Princess.  

After I recovered my mom started taking me to obediece classes.  I started with beginning classes, flew through intermediate and completed the advanced course shortly!  I was finally registered to be a therapy dog!  Mom was very proud of me!  

I do miss the 3 little girls I lived with in my previous home, and that is why I was super excited when mom enrolled me in Power Paws.  I get to be around children all the time and absolutely love it!  Since then, I've attended numerous events at schools, nursing homes, a cub scout event and libraries!  I feel super blessed to have a new life doing something I enjoy.  I think the children like me too.  They love petting me and reading books to me.  I'm extremely thankful to my new family and friends for giving me a new life and letting me be a part of a wonderful community. 

              -- Written and edited by Jan Ferguson and Lida Liu

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